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6 Reasons You Need a Content Writer

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I wrote the following as background information designed to educate new clients so that they can better understand the value of my services as a content writer, as well as understand exactly how I can help them improve their company website, and why that is in their best interest.

  1. Grammar matters, like the difference between “your” and “you’re”. I’ve seen this misused on websites and in copy many times. Does it matter to you personally? If you’re not a stickler for grammar, maybe not. But it matters to your brand and your company’s image. Anyone who browses your website stands the chance to notice this, and it’s an automatic cringe and groan for many visitors before moving on to a website that has been edited by a professional.

2. Research matters, and so does an outside perspective. Content writers get the most up to date industry information from subject matter experts, and they use this information to creatively describe concepts within the given industry in a way that your target market will respond to. This is done through research about your target market, your competitors, your brand’s voice and more. Copywriters (also known as content writers) deliver web copy that is designed to resonate with exactly those people who buy your products or services.

The point is to optimize your website with high quality, keyword rich, organic content, making it easier for the people who need your products or services to find your website, right when they need it the most.

3. SEO copywriters understand SEO, and deliver optimized content that includes the appearance of target keywords and phrases in an organic manner. Meaning, there is no keyword stuffing (which will negatively affect your site), and the content reads in a conversational tone with everyday language and minimal jargon. Nothing seems contrived. It all sounds completely natural (because it is). This is much easier said than done, which is why many companies choose to hire a content writer instead of trying to string together content between mismatched departments with no one to put the finishing touches on it.

4. Content writers deliver unique and high quality content, and relieve the stress and struggle of trying to come up with many different ways to say similar things over and over, like in the case of ecommerce websites with multiple product pages and websites that require many pages of unique content.

This will also help you avoid getting stuck in a situation where you’re publishing duplicate content on multiple pages (which will negatively affect your site). There is always something worthwhile and unique to say about everything, and a copywriter’s job is to figure out how to give each of your web pages a special description, even if they are extremely similar to each other.

5. Copywriters make things sound interesting for a living. If your products or services don’t sound worthwhile and interesting to your customers, why will they spend money on them? This is the problem with sub-par copywriting. In addition, writing exciting content is a double-edged sword. No one wants to read 10 exclamation points and 300 words about a pair of shoes (in my opinion). A copywriter’s job is cut the clutter and translate the real reason why something is unique and worth buying or sharing.

This is often done by working directly with the company owner and/or website manager to come up with a content strategy that resonates with the brand’s voice while creatively describing the product or service in a way that elicits a positive emotional reaction from the target market.

6. Content writers bring best practice knowledge and fresh ideas to the table. Hiring a content writer will help you get an outside perspective on your website, which can be worth more than gold when it comes to quality improvement and marketing industry knowledge. For example, in the past, many companies who had blogs would write blog articles about their different products or services. These days, Google favors websites who publish valuable, high quality content about their industry, instead of trying to push their products with their blog content.

The point is to provide value to your customers. Consider the difference between writing about business cards (a product you provide) and writing advice-style articles on how entrepreneurs can jump-start their businesses and improve their marketing (and where you might briefly mention business cards as part of that marketing process).

Image courtesy of Flickr user Drew Coffman.


2 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Need a Content Writer

  1. Many do not understand the importance of hiring g a good content writer, and my personal opinion is that you need to make sure a content writer understands how SEO truly works, as many do not. Does the writer have SEO training? Are they familiar with the latest SEO best practices when it comes to content writing? These are questions all considering hiring a quality content writer need to ask.

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